Point Ranch


Point Ranch is situated in the North Rupununi along the beautiful Pakariama Mountain Range.

It was the passion of Mr. Denis Rodrigues and Mrs. Norma Rodrigues to establish a Ranch.

In 1978 with just a polin camp and under a kiambey tree for shade and storage they started the

foundation, they eventually built a thatch roof house, with all the hard work and determination,

together with their children and a few livestock, along with peanut farming, it became a successful

Ranch and a haven for all kind of habitats you can enjoy seeing along the mountain and the Bunoni river

1 km from the ranch.

Cowboys would roundup (bring in the cattle) on a regularly basis for checks and records, a wonderful

site, a ranch life in the Rupununi.

A friendly atmosphere, villagers/passersby would always arrive on time for lunch (boily or farine &

roasted Tasso one of the menu ),they would even overnight sometimes to have some yogurt(qualyada)

after dinner and for breakfast Aunty Norma special bakes with some delicious locally made cheese and a

glass of fresh milk, our regular visitors were Frack & Colie!! They helped us a lot.

Point Ranch is currently managed by Ms. Rebecca Rodrigues Faria & Family, together with her mom and

other siblings. Despite many challenges Point Ranch has been through, Mr. Rodrigues has left with us a

legacy to continue the Ranch life in the Rupununi.

Contact Email: pointranch1@gmail.com

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